One Point Perspective #1

Artist: Okumura Masanobu

Tiltle: Diversion and Delights form the Floating World

Dimension: One point perspective

Media of ecah work: Hand colored woodwork

Why I chose it: The reason I chose this drawing as my one point perspective picture is because it represents the characterzation of how a one point perspective should look like. Obviously, the story and details behind the drawing give a rich historical background that you can play with depending on your imagination. But, most of all, is the amazing intensity included when looking at the picture. Even as a one point perspective drawing, it gives immense color, contrast, and detail.

What attributes of the reference do I plan to emulate and integrate. Well, according to the contrast and detail already evident in the drawing I hope to use the picture to guide my works of art whe it comes to figuring out the right traits of one point perspective. Although, the complextiy of the art is rather difficult to understand it still provides a very basic source of reference when referring to professionally drawn one point perspective drawings.

Information on the artist: Okumura Masanbura drew this one point perspective drawing during 1753 and at the time materials neccessary for drawing perfect one point perspective is rather impressive.


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